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Tricia Sham

Mixed media artist, Tricia Sham amplifies life’s deflating and elating experiences by conducting hyper-focused observations of insects and plants. Her creative process revolves around actively viewing her surroundings puzzled together by abstract(ed) shapes and is influenced by the connection between posture and emotions.


With the emphasis on translating these mental states onto surfaces ranging from matboard to canvas, Sham’s work has been described as symbols of strength through vulnerability.

Most known for discovering links between insects’ actions and human experiences, she has occupied a number of physical spaces including Tropicana Field in St. Petersburg as a part of the 2023 Rays Artist Series & Red Dot/Spectrum Miami. Sham hopes to increase or revive others’ excitement for nature and for viewers to feel the beauty in vulnerability; to finally feel what they could never describe. 

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Available Works


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A Collection of Available Works by Figurative Mixed Media Artist, Tricia Sham. 


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