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Shannon Kay

Shannon Kay Peffley’s artistic journey weaves a colorful narrative of passion and creativity. From her early immersion in photography to her fluid mastery of painting, Shannon’s artistic pursuits have remained a steadfast companion throughout her life. With a Bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts with a focus in photography, she made her mark by bringing her talents from Texas to Tampa Bay, Florida.

In 2020, Shannon’s artistic trajectory took an exciting turn as she discovered a profound affinity for painting, adding a new dimension to her expressive repertoire. Recognized for her unwavering commitment to her craft she still uses hers skills she learned in photography in her work today. Shannon takes her own reference photos so everything in her work in truly hers. Her main focus in her work is always inspired by the beautify female form. By infusing each artwork with her passion and spirit, pieces truly resonates with many.

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Available Works


Shannon Kay Catalog Of Paintings-Cover.png


A Collection of Figurative Pop-Art by Artist Shannon Kay


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