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Sabrina Kathleen

Sabrina Kathleen is a multi-faceted artist from Tampa, Florida, with her creative journey quickly expanding out from Miami to showcasing across the US.

While her current most frequent form of expression is found to fall among Medium to Large-scale paintings on hand-built wood panel canvas with multi-dimensional features, she prefers not to strictly categorize within one specific playing field as she enjoys frequently switching things up & expressing herself through a variety of mediums also — including photography, digital art, mixed media, screen printing, and more.

Sabrina finds inspiration from adventuring through the outside world around her, as well as diving deep into the world within her, and expresses this through various symbolisms and messages within her works.

Sometimes bright and fun, sometimes slightly dark and moody, Sabrina likes to refer to her style as “Experimental Evolution”, which is a never-ending process of learning and growing through art and life.

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Available Works


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A Collection of Available Works by Mixed Media Artist, Sabrina Kathleen.



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