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Amabel Riverón

Florida native, Cuban artist Amabel Riveròn creates a tapestry of emotions, experiences, and spiritual exploration through her fine art. With a Bachelor's Degree in Anthropology, her work reflects her passion and fascination with world culture, history, and archaeology. As a self-taught artist, she feels that without the constraints of a formal education her art can take on a raw expression of self-discovery and uninhibited creativity.

Her style can best be described as Figurative Realism, with abstract textures and backgrounds into a cohesive look she refers to as "abstract realism". While using her preferred mediums of oil paint and gold leaf, she delves into her innermost emotions and takes fearless risks with her art, which results in stunning works that exude powerful emotions in the viewer.



"My paintings serve as a vessel for my pursuit of the spiritual, a quest I've undertaken with unwavering dedication to my faith. Through the canvas, I strive to awaken dormant spiritual and faith-based threads within each observer, igniting a connection between the tangible and the transcendental. My work is a conduit for self-discovery, encouraging those who engage with it to embark on their own spiritual journeys of exploration and connection." - Amabel Riveròn

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Available Works


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A Collection of Available Works by Figurative Artist, Amabel Riveròn


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